Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kari Kambing (Mutton Curry)

Mom, Hakiem (my nephew), Bibik (our helper) and myself went to the Kajang market to get the ingredients for this. It was quite an experience. I've never been to the market to take pictures so I started looking a bit more.

Dr. Abdul Ghani
We bought the mutton from this man, Dr. Abdul Ghani who had a nice story to tell. He is the eldest in his family and he had to take care of his brothers and sisters. So he quit school after secondary school and started working by selling mutton at the market. Once all his siblings went to work he decided to go back to school and managed to obtain his Phd in Humanity. He jokes about being too old to be hired by any companies so he continued his mutton meat business. A very cool man and full of laughs.

My apologies for taking so long to post this. I had a bit of problems with the video cause I think I missed some parts of the cooking and everything was just a bit messy lah. Just refer back to the text to see whether you are doing it correctly. This was the first video we did so maklum kan eje lah, k.

So here goes...

This is where it all begins
The Ingredients
Daging kambing (mutton) cut into medium pieces.
• About 2 inches of halia (ginger), sliced into small strips.
• 1 bawang besar (large onions). Sliced.
• 10 bawang merah (shallots). Sliced.
• 5 bawang putih (garlic). Sliced.
'Bahan penumis' includes kayu manis (cinnamon), bunga lawang (star anise) and buah pelaga (cardamon). A few of each.
Daun kari (curry leaves).
Rempah kari daging (meat curry powder)
Garam kasar (Coarse salt)
Cili boh (dried chilli paste)
Santan (coconut milk). Prepare three thickness. One very creamy, one medium thick and one very watery.
• 1 kentang (potato) skinned and cut into 4 to 6 pieces.

Ready to be served
The Method
• Heat up your wok with oil. Once the oil is hot, put in the large onion, shallots garlic, ginger, salt, curry leaves and the 'bahan penumis'. Let it fry for awhile.
• Add about two big spoons of chilli boh and add two tablespoons of curry powder. Mix them well.
• Add the meat and mix well so that all the meat is covered. Keep stirring. Add some chilli boh and curry powder to enhance the colour and flavour.
• When the meat has decreased in size, add water until the meat is slightly submerged. Stir well. Leave to boil so the meat is tenderised. This will take awhile.
• When the water decreases add the watery coconut milk and stir well. Let it boil to tenderised the meat even more. This is the time to add the potato. Mom forgot to add the potato on the video so she boiled it separately and added it later on.
• This is where I missed taping it. Again when the liquid decreases add the medium thick coconut milk and let it boil. Leave it to thicken.
• You can add the thick coconut milk if you want the curry creamier and let it boil for awhile longer. But if you feel that its thick enough, then you can go without. Turn the fire off and leave it to cool down. It will still slowly thicken even more.
• Then serve it with rice, nasi minyak or eat it with bread, naan and others.

Here is the messy video. My moms bibik made a short appearance in this video. She has been with us for 12 years. We do love our bibik. ;-)


So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang. Memang lagi sedap. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Acar Nenas (Pineapple Salad)

This is a quick one normally eaten with nasi minyak, curry etc. We've modified this slightly. We didn't use vinegar, instead we've used salad oil.

So here goes...

Dried shrimp powder
The Ingredients
Cili padi (small chillies).
Cili merah (Red chillies).
Udang kering (dried shrimp) powder.
• Salt.
All of the above ingredients are pounded finely.
• Pineapple cleaned and the core removed.
Bawang merah (shallots) sliced thinly.
• Cucumber, the skin and the middle part removed. The sides are sliced.
• Salad oil or clear vinegar.
Update: My sister, Ainita uses french dressing instead of vinegar.

The Method
• Put the pounded ingredients and the sliced ones in a bowl. Mix well.
• Add the salad oil and salt to taste. Vinegar is normally used for this.

Thats it. Easy huh? Hahaha. Here is the video. My dear younger sister, Eileena is in this one.

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang, memang lebih sedap. Enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kuah Kacang (Peanut Sauce)

Finally I managed to do this one. Ponek den. So so sorry it took so long to get myself together but its finally done. I don't have a final image of the kuah kacang and I think even the video was cut short a bit so we don't really get to see it done... ampun ampun! But I think you can figure out lah how it looks like. We normally eat this with nasi impit or ketupat. I don't think this is suppose to be for satay though although it does look like it. The making of the ketupat casing is soooo confusing so nanti lah. Maybe next raya we'll figure that one out.

So here goes...

Raw peanuts with thin skin
The Preparation
• You will need to fry some raw peanuts without any oil on low fire. It takes a bit of time but just don't burn the peanuts.
• When its cooked, you will need to get the thin skin off so its just the peanuts.
• Pound it but not too fine. You want to have some chunky-ish peanuts and some fine ones for the Kuah Kacang.

Smart Cooking: My sister, Ainita who lives in England uses chunky peanut butter instead and she says the final product is a lot creamier. So she skips this part of the process. ;-) She'll be back in February, so we'll be making steamboat for her so if this blog is still happening at that point, you will get steamboat! Yay!

The Ingredients
• 10 bawang merah (shallots).
• 5 bawang putih (garlic).
• 1 inch of lengkuas (galangal).
• 2 sticks of serai (lemon grass).
Udang kering (dried shrimp) powder, just a bit of this
• 2 tablespoons of belachan (shrimp paste).
• 4 tablespoons of cili boh (dried chilli paste).
• Salt
All the above ingredients are blended to become more like a paste. Add a bit of water for it to become paste-y. (My English teacher must be pulling her hair out if she read this)
Air assam jawa (tamarind paste mixed with a bit of water)
Gula Anau or Gula Melaka (Palm sugar). My mom gets her gula melaka from pasar kuala pilah. Its the best. You don't have to, you can use any old gula melaka. ;-)
• 1 bawang besar (large onions) to be sliced. Do not blend these 3 last ingredients.

Gula Anau
The Method
• Heat up some oil in a wok and when the oil is hot, put in the large onions. Once it is yellow, put in the blended ingredients.
• Add a bit of water so it'll cook. Wait till the oil surfaces (naik minyak lah tu).
• Put in the air assam jawa and let it simmer for a bit.
• Then add the peanuts. The mix will start to thicken. Once that happens, add air assam. Let it simmer.
• If the colour doesn't seem right, add a bit more cili boh.
• Add the gula anau into the simmering mix. The colour will become a bit reddish. My mom melted the gula anau first before adding it into the mix but you can just cut it and add. It'll melt itself. Add more water to the mix. Cook until thicken.

Here is the video. It was fun having my nephew, Hakiem around while we made this.


So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang, memang lagi sedap. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nasi Goreng Halia (Ginger Fried Rice)

Its the second day of raya and we are full to the brim with lemang and rendang so we decided to make something simple with no fuss. We had some leftover rice from yesterday, so we decided to make nasi goreng halia. This is what we normally have for breakfast. Its one of those must haves at least once a week type meal. Served with telur mata lembu (fried egg sunny side up).
I know I said i was gonna post the curry, paceri, etc but I got distracted and sidetracked and since this is easier to write about and fast to make, I just thought this one goes first lah. Students banyak suka nie pasal senang nak buat. I remember cause i was a student once long time ago... hmmm, i hear the sniggering in the background.

So here goes:

The ingredients that needs pounding
The Ingredients
You might need to add more to this ingredient, it all depends on how much rice you are frying...pandai pandai lah, k. ;-)
• 4 to 5 bawang kecik (shallots)
• 1 and half inches halia (ginger).
• 8 to 10 cili api (small chillies).
• 1 cili merah (red chilli).
Garam kasar (course salt) to taste.
All the ingredients above has to be finely pounded.
• A handful of ikan bilis (dried anchovies).
Add the ikan bilis to pounded ingredients. This should'nt be pounded finely. Just broken slightly. Tengok kat video nanti.
Nasi sejuk - its important for the rice to be cold rice. If you have just cooked the rice, make sure you let it cool down first before frying.

Nasi goreng halia, its good. Percaya- lah. ;-)
The Method
• Once the ingredients are pounded, heat your wok up, keep the fire to a medium low and put some oil, enough to cook the pounded ingredients.
• Add the pounded ingredients to the hot oil. When its cooked ie the oil has surfaced and the ingredients is slightly yellow (jangan lah sampai yellow sangat), put in the rice and start mixing it well.
• Put down the fire so that you don't burn the rice while mixing the rice. Make sure it spreads evenly on the rice and there are no clumps.
• Fry an egg and put it on the fried rice and its ready to be served. ;-) Kalau nak pedas lagi, letak lah cili padi potong.

Senang kan? And very sedap.

Here is the video. Again... apologies for the kelam kabut-ness of the video. ;-)

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang, memang lagi sedap. Enjoy!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nasi Minyak

Its the first day of raya and mum and I are hard at work in the kitchen. Chewah! We're making nasi minyak. kari kambing, paceri nenas dah siap tapi tak blog lagi. I thought I'd do it in this order... nasi dulu, then kari and then paceri. And last but not least the acar.

Terliur den...

And oh... by the way, this is the first recipe post so kalau tersilap sini sana ampun je lah. I'm still new with this blogging thing. And the video at the end tu was done with my phone nye camera eje so tak lah canggih sangat. The editing pun kelam kabut. Nanti bila dah terror nanti... i will put music all, k? Hahaha.

Anyway here goes...

Onions and garlic sliced this way
The Preparation
• Clean 3 cups of rice (basmati rice is the best lah but regular rice pun ok gak), then strain it. For 3 cups of rice, you will need about 4 cups of water to be prepared earlier  to cook the rice. Put it aside first.
• Slice a whole onion bulat bulat and garlic dalam 5 or 6 ketul macam gambar ni hah.
• Ginger about 5 to 6 inches, crushed and blended using some of the water for the rice. Then strain it so you only get the juice of the ginger. Pakai yang ready made tu ok, kot but tak ori lah. ;-)
• Also you need 'bahan penumis' ie bunga lawang (star anise), kayu manis (cinnamon) & buah pelaga (cardamon).

The Method
• Put your rice cooker pot on the fire with some cooking oil and some ghee till its hot. You may need to judge for yourself how much oil and ghee. The more you use, the oilier it is lah so don't use too much but use enough so that the nasi will be nicely glazed. But more ghee than the cooking oil...I think that was what mum said. Remember to put course salt (garam kasar) in as well.
• Then start putting in your 'bahan penumis' into the oil & ghee followed by the onions and garlic. Cook it till its yellow (not burnt, yeah). The aroma is divine at this point.
• Add the water for the rice (the one that was put aside earlier) and also the ginger juice that was prepared. You may need to add a bit more water...just a bit. And close the lid so everything is mixed and cooked well together...sebati lah kalau orang melayu cakap... chewah.
• Once its boiling, add the rice and close the lid.
• Move the pot to the rice cooker heater and let it cook like regular rice.
• When the rice is cooked, stir gently and leave it for a few minutes.
• Add a bit of colouring so you get some specks of colour in the rice. You only want a few bits of the rice to be coloured. We've used yellow and green but its really whatever colour you want. You can also use daun pandan (pandan leaves) if you do not want to use artificial colouring.

Anyway, here is the kelam kabut video of the making of this nasi minyak in our kelam kabut kitchen. My younger sister, Eileena is in this video along with my mum.

I hope you will try it... kalau tak jadi, jangan lah salah kan kita orang cause kita nye jadi-menjadi jadi and very lah the sedap bila makan dengan kari kambing, paceri nenas and acar.

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang, memang lagi sedap. ;-) Enjoy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stay tuned!

The first recipe will be up soon! It'll be our raya special. Mum have decided to make Rendang, Soto, Nasi Minyak and Curry Kambing. The menu might change though. Looking forward to put this up on the blog. I'm quite excited. It'll be our first blog! Kalau ada salah on spelling or anything, ampun lah ye. ;-) I kinda missed my mum cooking Laksa Johor yesterday. Ampun-ampun but don't worry she promised she will make it again...yay!

Another thing is, some of these recipes takde measurements. So kadang kadang kena teka sendiri lah although I will indicate how much is needed.

I'll be at the pasar with her on Tuesday 7/09/10. Cooking will probably start on the 8/09/10 or 9/09/10. I'll probably post it after the first of raya. Sorry lah but its mums schedule. What mummy says, I will follow...haha! I'm a good lil' boy.

So stay tuned for our first posting! 

Before i go...Selamat hari raya aidilfitri and maaf zahir batin from my mum and i!