Friday, September 10, 2010

Nasi Minyak

Its the first day of raya and mum and I are hard at work in the kitchen. Chewah! We're making nasi minyak. kari kambing, paceri nenas dah siap tapi tak blog lagi. I thought I'd do it in this order... nasi dulu, then kari and then paceri. And last but not least the acar.

Terliur den...

And oh... by the way, this is the first recipe post so kalau tersilap sini sana ampun je lah. I'm still new with this blogging thing. And the video at the end tu was done with my phone nye camera eje so tak lah canggih sangat. The editing pun kelam kabut. Nanti bila dah terror nanti... i will put music all, k? Hahaha.

Anyway here goes...

Onions and garlic sliced this way
The Preparation
• Clean 3 cups of rice (basmati rice is the best lah but regular rice pun ok gak), then strain it. For 3 cups of rice, you will need about 4 cups of water to be prepared earlier  to cook the rice. Put it aside first.
• Slice a whole onion bulat bulat and garlic dalam 5 or 6 ketul macam gambar ni hah.
• Ginger about 5 to 6 inches, crushed and blended using some of the water for the rice. Then strain it so you only get the juice of the ginger. Pakai yang ready made tu ok, kot but tak ori lah. ;-)
• Also you need 'bahan penumis' ie bunga lawang (star anise), kayu manis (cinnamon) & buah pelaga (cardamon).

The Method
• Put your rice cooker pot on the fire with some cooking oil and some ghee till its hot. You may need to judge for yourself how much oil and ghee. The more you use, the oilier it is lah so don't use too much but use enough so that the nasi will be nicely glazed. But more ghee than the cooking oil...I think that was what mum said. Remember to put course salt (garam kasar) in as well.
• Then start putting in your 'bahan penumis' into the oil & ghee followed by the onions and garlic. Cook it till its yellow (not burnt, yeah). The aroma is divine at this point.
• Add the water for the rice (the one that was put aside earlier) and also the ginger juice that was prepared. You may need to add a bit more water...just a bit. And close the lid so everything is mixed and cooked well together...sebati lah kalau orang melayu cakap... chewah.
• Once its boiling, add the rice and close the lid.
• Move the pot to the rice cooker heater and let it cook like regular rice.
• When the rice is cooked, stir gently and leave it for a few minutes.
• Add a bit of colouring so you get some specks of colour in the rice. You only want a few bits of the rice to be coloured. We've used yellow and green but its really whatever colour you want. You can also use daun pandan (pandan leaves) if you do not want to use artificial colouring.

Anyway, here is the kelam kabut video of the making of this nasi minyak in our kelam kabut kitchen. My younger sister, Eileena is in this video along with my mum.

I hope you will try it... kalau tak jadi, jangan lah salah kan kita orang cause kita nye jadi-menjadi jadi and very lah the sedap bila makan dengan kari kambing, paceri nenas and acar.

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang, memang lagi sedap. ;-) Enjoy!


  1. Sham, I did this nasi minyak - had to modify- ran out of bunga lawang and colour hijau and kuning. So had to do without and was red/pink colour - whush that went very quickly too. So I have to make more tomorrow for guests that are coming tomorrow.
    Looking forward to the next recipe on this blog!
    Will try each one of them.
    Miss you all, wish I was there cooking with you guys!

  2. Looks and sounds yummy...will try the recipe soon..;)

  3. Luv ur video and ur mum's recipe is so original. Nothing fancy, luv the background 'suaras'. Make me smile, ur mum is so 'cute' and motherly!!! Luv her smile and unpretentious way.

  4. Thank you thank you. So so sweet of you. We're both glad that you like the video. Hope you enjoy the others. And perhaps you'll be a follower soon. ;-) Have a great week.

  5. thanks for the lovely recipe and videos. im really craving for this nasi minyak!! gonna make some of this today (i think). "i'm so clever!". hahaha. thanks thanks!!

  6. Hahahaha! Thanks for the comment. Hope you'll tell us how your Nasi Minyak turned out.

  7. As Salam. thanks for sharing this recipe. So simple and easy, it seems. Will try for this hari raya haji.. Cuma...the onions berapa yg d perlu gunakan, may i know. Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Haji yg akan tiba dan salam manis.

  8. heheh..suka dgr u cakap..lawak..but really thanks for sharing nak masak kat Uk ni..tergagau2 mencari..