Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nasi Goreng Halia (Ginger Fried Rice)

Its the second day of raya and we are full to the brim with lemang and rendang so we decided to make something simple with no fuss. We had some leftover rice from yesterday, so we decided to make nasi goreng halia. This is what we normally have for breakfast. Its one of those must haves at least once a week type meal. Served with telur mata lembu (fried egg sunny side up).
I know I said i was gonna post the curry, paceri, etc but I got distracted and sidetracked and since this is easier to write about and fast to make, I just thought this one goes first lah. Students banyak suka nie pasal senang nak buat. I remember cause i was a student once long time ago... hmmm, i hear the sniggering in the background.

So here goes:

The ingredients that needs pounding
The Ingredients
You might need to add more to this ingredient, it all depends on how much rice you are frying...pandai pandai lah, k. ;-)
• 4 to 5 bawang kecik (shallots)
• 1 and half inches halia (ginger).
• 8 to 10 cili api (small chillies).
• 1 cili merah (red chilli).
Garam kasar (course salt) to taste.
All the ingredients above has to be finely pounded.
• A handful of ikan bilis (dried anchovies).
Add the ikan bilis to pounded ingredients. This should'nt be pounded finely. Just broken slightly. Tengok kat video nanti.
Nasi sejuk - its important for the rice to be cold rice. If you have just cooked the rice, make sure you let it cool down first before frying.

Nasi goreng halia, its good. Percaya- lah. ;-)
The Method
• Once the ingredients are pounded, heat your wok up, keep the fire to a medium low and put some oil, enough to cook the pounded ingredients.
• Add the pounded ingredients to the hot oil. When its cooked ie the oil has surfaced and the ingredients is slightly yellow (jangan lah sampai yellow sangat), put in the rice and start mixing it well.
• Put down the fire so that you don't burn the rice while mixing the rice. Make sure it spreads evenly on the rice and there are no clumps.
• Fry an egg and put it on the fried rice and its ready to be served. ;-) Kalau nak pedas lagi, letak lah cili padi potong.

Senang kan? And very sedap.

Here is the video. Again... apologies for the kelam kabut-ness of the video. ;-)

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang, memang lagi sedap. Enjoy!


  1. oh tak terkata bertapa rindu nye nak makan masakan ibuku.

  2. hillarious Pasham!! "api tu kecik ke ma?" hahahaha.. XD

  3. Made this today, it was Yumm! The egg has to be fried the 'kampung' way, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
    Need a bigger 'lesung', my ikan bilis was overflowing out of the lesung.

  4. Pasham I tried it and it's delicious, I even used my pestle and mortar for the asli feel. Shiook !! Waiting for your masak lems..yummy