Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pulut Kukus (Steamed Glutinous Rice)

I had to get up at 6.30am to get myself to Bangi on a Sunday so I can post this one. Got there just before 8am, in time for the cooking process.

We have this for breakfast almost every weekend. Yummy. This is usually served with ikan bilis goreng dengan petai or ikan masin goreng dengan bawang which I will post after this. Sometimes we have it with sambal tumis.
The pulut is normally cooked with santan (coconut milk) but we have decided not to so its slightly healthier... konon nya lah. Tapi we are a family of pelahaps so the healthy part is kinda vague when this is served.

Pulut Kukus
The Method
• Leave the beras pulut (glutinous rice) in water with salt and tamarind overnight so that it softens. The tamarind will make it shine when its cooked.
• Prepare your steamer and put the beras pulut in to be steamed. Add some pandan leaves for the aroma. Leave about 20 minutes.
• Take the half cooked pulut out of the steamer. Add water and a bit of salt to taste and mix it well. Don't mash the pulut too much. This process is just to avoid it from being lumpy.
• Put the pulut back into the steamer and leave it for another 15 minutes till the pulut is fluffy and cooked. Taste it for the softness. If its still not ready, steam it a bit longer till you get the desired texture.

Here is the video, mum and bibik are in this one.

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang. Memang lagi sedap. Enjoy!


  1. Bukan tengok baju butterfly je, gelang emas pun cantik !!

  2. That's so nice of you to post another amazing recipe for us despite your busy routine. This recipe is going to my own recipe own collection book and the blog is going to my bookmarks panel.