Friday, October 15, 2010

Good times & quality moments...with the family.

This is not a recipe.

Just some videos i have on my computer that i thought i should compile. I've also been a bit busy with work. Started my 3 month stint with Cosmopolitan Malaysia. Met some great people there. And having a wonderful time. 

Anyway, I have some birthday videos to share. We're not really big on birthdays but we almost always spend it with the family. There's always a cake and family members singing happy birthday. My younger sister turning 40 was a good one. It was during Ramadhan so the cake was cut after we broke fast. My dads 73rd birthday celebration was good too. Almost the whole family were there. Maybe next year when Nita is back from UK, we'll have a full birthday party. ;-) And there is also Qistina, my youngest niece doing ballet in the video. Its cute to see a 3 year old having aspirations to become a ballerina. She's a natural showgirl that one. ;-) And there is also Kayongs graduation is on this. She is the eldest of all my nieces and nephew. She has set really high standards for the rest of them. Good on ya Kayong!

So enjoy getting to know the family. They are the people that makes my life worthwhile. ;-)

So here goes.


And thank you to all that have commented. I also found out yesterday that we have viewers from Egypt, USA, UK, Australia, Poland, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, France and of course Malaysia. Thank you for all the support. I hope you will continue watching this space. Mum and i have had a lot of fun doing this blog. Please comment and be a follower. Would love to know who you are and if you have any requests. Kalau kita dapat buat, we will do it for sure.

Thanks again.



  2. Hhahaa my video made the blog! miss you all :)

  3. It did indeed Kayong! One of our proudest moments.;-) Hope you like the vid. Miss you all too.