Friday, October 15, 2010

Roti Jala (Net Pancake)

Roti Jala, an all time favourite. Memang sedap kalau makan dengan kari ayam. So you need to have your chicken curry before you make this one. I'll try post chicken curry soon. Its quite similar to mutton curry. Bibik is the one that made this for us today.

The Ingredient
• About 4 tablespoon full of all purpose flour.
• 1 egg
• Water, I have no measurements for this. You will need enough for the consistency of the mix.
• A bit of turmeric powder for the yellow colour.
• 1 teaspoon full of margarine.
• Salt

Roti Jala cup
The Method
• Mix about 1 cup of water, egg, salt, turmeric powder and margarine in a blender.
• Start putting in flour in the blender till you get the right consistency ie a pancake like batter.
• Once you get the right consistency, strain the mix so that you don't get lumps.
• Heat up your flat wok. And grease it when its hot.
• Put some of the flour mix into the roti jala cup (see picture) and let it flow out onto the flat wok in a circular motion till it forms somewhat a net like pattern.
• Cook until its set. Move to a plate and fold it. You will probably have to do a few before you get the hang of it but i promise you, you will enjoy it.
• Repeat the process until you finish the mix.

Here is the video and have fun. ;-)

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang. Memang lagi sedap. Enjoy!


  1. What do you have this with? Where's the curry??

  2. hahahaha... chicken curry coming soon. I'm a bit behind with the postings. I still have kari dhal and mee kari waiting to be edited. Weekend is here so maybe i'll get a chance to catch up.

  3. Sham.....still waiting for your mum's chicken curry to go with this.