Sunday, October 17, 2010

Masak Lemak Cili Api Ayam (Chicken Yellow Curry)

Masak Lemak Cili Api Ayam
This is a request from my dear dear friend Els Belles. We've had a few masak lemak cili api dinners while we were students in England. This is also a typical Negeri Sembilan dish. Memang tak boleh lah kalau orang Negeri tak suka nie. When we run out of things to cook, this always comes to mind and voila its on the table. Easy to cook and tasty to eat with rice, bread, roti canai, roti arab and tons others.
Another one of my all time favourites. I know I seems like everything I've posted is my favourite. ;-)

Kaffir Lime Leaves
The Ingredients
• 1 chicken cut into small pieces. You can also use beef to replace the chicken.
• 8 to 9 small chillies (cili api).
• 1 potato (kentang) skinned and cut into 4 to 6 pieces.
• 1 inch of fresh turmeric (kunyit) or turmeric powder.
• 3 sticks of lemongrass (serai). Crush it slightly to release the flavour.
• 2 to 3 pieces of kaffir lime leaf (daun limau purut). Refer to picture on the left.
• Course salt.
• Coconut milk (santan), two types, one thick and one diluted.

The Method
• Pound the chillies, course salt and fresh turmeric into a very fine texture.
• Put the chicken and also the pounded mix into a wok.
• Without putting the flame on, mix them all well.
• Put some water into your mortar and pestle (alah...batu tumbuk lah..haha) and add the water into the wok. Mix everything and put the flame on.
• Let it simmer for awhile to seal the chicken flavour.
• Keep on stirring so it doesn't burn at the bottom of the wok.
• Add the lemongrass and mix well.
• When the water gets a bit dry, add the diluted coconut milk and let it boil to tenderise the chicken. Also add the cut potato.
• Put the flame down and leave it to boil.
• Add the kaffir lime leaves for flavour and leave for 10 mins.
• When the chicken is tender and the potato is cooked, add thick coconut milk and mix well. The amount depends on how creamy you want this dish to be.
• Leave to simmer on low flame till the gravy is slightly thick.
• And once you get it to the consistency of your choice, its ready to be served.

I know it seems a bit hectic cooking this but its really quite easy. Not many ingredients and oh so yummy. ;-) Some people cook it very differently like using oil and onions but this is how we do it. Have a good one!

Here is the video, my nieces Darling and Qistina made an appearance. Qistina provided the entertainment. Have a look! ;-)

So... masak lah dengan kasih sayang. Memang lagi sedap. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Champers, we must do another cooking session!! Yumms I have to try this soon. think I'll spoil it if it's with brown rice..? Hahaha

  2. hahahaha...its really up to you what you wanna eat it with babe. Brown rice pun ok je just as long as the masak lemak is good. ;-)

  3. Salam.Sangat teruja bila jumpa blog nih..mak u mmg pandai masak..I kahwin dengan org nogori tapi my mentua tak pandai terpaksa belajar2 sendiri masak nogori.first time try resepi ni terus menjadi..sodap pulak tuh..thanks a lot sebab berkongsi ilmu dan resepi..nanti boleh tak minta mak u masak resepi ikan masak lomak cili api pulak..mesti sedap tuh! keep writing n blogging ye..

  4. Terima kasih , saya dah mencubanya memang berbaloi baloi sungguh sedap.

  5. Terima Kasih :) I spent 6 months in Malaysia on training. And loved loved the cuisine and the fresh fruits and fresh juices. Miss that place a lot. This bought back memories