Friday, November 5, 2010

Email Subscription taken out & Happy Deepavali!

My apologies to all that have subscribed to the email notification subscription. It doesn't seem to work. I've posted a few posts since I installed the gadget on the blog and no emails... hmmm. So the best thing was to take it out. If you have any suggestions on other gadgets that works, please do inform me.

I had that installed because being a follower doesn't really give you notifications except on your reader lists on google and perhaps some others that I haven't figured out yet. But since it doesn't work, I decided to take it out. My apologies if it has inconvenienced you and for those who have subscribed through this service, I hope you do come back and keep supporting mum and I. ;-)

Happy Deepavalli!
We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu friends and followers a happy festival of lights! I read a quote from somewhere this week and thought it as one of the best quotes for this occasion -

"May the lights of our lamps be a reflection of the light within... only when the ego is shattered can one celebrate the true self within" - Unknown

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